Happy Workplace: A Holistic Approach to Achieving Mental Wellbeing

Stress self-assessment, insights and practical tips

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Could your L&D Team be doing more to create a culture of positive mental health in your organisation?

Mental health and wellbeing of employees is a growing issue in workplaces around the world. Employers have a duty of care over their workers, and productivity is lost when employees take time away from work to recover or escape from stress.

Happy Workplace: A Holistic Approach to Achieving Mental Wellbeing is our campaign to raise awareness of the importance of positive mental health in the modern workplace.

The campaign is split into three areas: Assessment, Prevention and Intervention. These steps will guide individuals through understanding their own mental health, and managing their emotions at work, as well as helping those in L&D and HR teams to create a culture of positive mental health in their organisation.



The first step to improving any situation is recognising the scale of the problem. All of us inevitably experience some level of stress, the danger is that we might be so wrapped up in all the little things that we aren’t able to see when it becomes a real issue in our lives.

To help with this, we have created a mental health self-assessment questionnaire for you to understand your own mental health and levels of workplace stress.


Complete Self-Assessment

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We have created a bank of practical insights into the causes and consequences of stress in the workplace. These articles have been written by our team of experts to provide real world advice for ways to manage your emotions at work and limit some of the underlying causes of stress.

Each article comes with a set of practical tips that individuals can start following straight away to lower their stress at work and improve their own mental wellbeing. There is also of advice for leaders in an organisation to create a better and more positive culture for their employees.


The L&D is a powerful and effective way for an organisation to improve and update their culture. Communication and team building soft skills can drastically alter the way teams interact and improve the atmosphere between them. Equally, an individual can be much more relaxed when they’re able to manage their time and emotions more effectively.

We have looked through our catalogue of learning solutions to find the courses that best match our Prevention topics, and that can help an organisation and its employees to have more positive mental wellbeing.


How and  when can stress be positive?   The impact of perfectionism on wellbeing   Surviving the stresses of sales calling   Supporting employees through change
NLP for business   Developing personal effectiveness   Coaching for sales performance   Dealing with change
Developing personal effectiveness   NLP for business   Social selling and cold calling   Change management
Stress management   Stress management   Advanced selling excellence   Challenging the status quo
            Emotional intelligence


Managing your emotions at work   How to manage workplace conflict   How do you best manage your work day?    
NLP for business   Animals   Time and priority management    
Emotional intelligence   Emotional intelligence   Developing personal effectiveness    
Managing difficult conversations   Communicate with impact        
Coaching for managers   Conflict management        
    Effective questioning and listening        
    Managing difficult conversation        



Downloadable resources

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9 tips for reducing stress at work

A practical infographic featuring actionable tips.

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Our ebook covers steps organisations can take to improve the mental wellbeing of their employees.

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