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Wednesday 21 October, 2020

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How can you create a strategy for the new learning era?

We, as L&D professionals have been in crisis-response mode since the pandemic began.

You have shown great resilience and creativity by pulling together new virtual programmes for your workforce in a short time span. You witnessed the rise and fall of new tools, new training environments and new technologies – and, of course, uncovered new learning needs. You may have already looked for new ways to deliver learning without people gathering in groups.

Nothing seems permanent right now – except change. Rather than focusing on a specific tool that risks being outdated within months, it’s time for you to take a strategic look and create the best strategy for training your employees in the new learning era. Imagine that your experienced employees, new employees, interns are your customers. What do you want them to say to others about your new ways of learning? What will make them recommend these ways to others? What benefits will the learning and the way you deliver the learning bring to your business?

In this sharing session, you will exchange your insights and knowledge with other L&D experts and benefit from receiving theirs in return. This means you can use these words of wisdom to create a truly effective strategy for you in the new learning era. You will explore how to ensure your leaders have the capabilities they need to implement the businesses strategy. You will be invited to share your thoughts on the virtual learning needs to be considered in hybrid working environments. You will also learn how to transform your workforce into a virtual learning community, design virtual courses that engage your people and train them to boost your learning ROI.




This session has been especially designed for L&D and HR professionals.

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Learning outcomes and key takeaways

Through knowledge and intelligence sharing, you will:

  • Have developed a strategic look at how to effectively train your people in the virtual world
  • Have learned how to use the Lafley and Martin’s 5-step Strategy Model to craft your L&D strategy
  • Have discussed the virtual learning needs of your leaders in the new environment
  • Have gained insights and ideas to ensure your strategies achieve the results you want
  • Have explored how to transform your remote workforce into a virtual learning community

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Wednesday 21 October, 2020


London 4pm / Paris 5pm / NYC 11am / Los Angeles 8am

Delivered by Mac MacDonald


Duration: 60 minutes


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This sharing session is facilitated by

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Mac MacDonald

Mac is an outstanding knowledgeable trainer and facilitator in the areas of leadership and management, communication, presentation skills and personal effectiveness.

Mac started his career in operational roles then moved into corporate account management and sales area (mobile/fixed line telecoms) with his largest customer was Motorola at around £2.5 m spend per annum. As a freelancer Mac has worked for a range of industries, to name a few: education (Cranfield University), public sector (ACAS), manufacturing (Finsbury Foods) and coached for various Fintech and media companies e.g.: PepsiCo, Receipt Bank, MTV, Viacom, Nutmeg. Mac’s delivery style is interactive and supportive and at the same time ensuring the training he delivers is enjoyable.

An excellent coach and facilitator, Mac’s many talents include facilitating team events that help clients achieve their goals. Having worked as a Senior Manager, Mac understands the challenges of being in that role in this competitive market. His focus is on providing a supportive training environment in which participants can become more credible and engaging.

Mac is a psychometric practitioner qualified in a number of instruments including MBTI, 16pf and NEO-PIR. He is also a qualified coach and mentor specialising in supporting people through the transition into first line management and onwards through the Leadership Pipeline.


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