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Recruit, Motivate and Retain Your Talent

Wednesday 26 July 2017 - 09:30 or 15:30 (GMT)

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How do people decide which organisation to join and whether to stay? And what is the role of learning & development in attracting, motivating and retaining the right people? Research published recently by Harvard Business Review shows that when staff don't get the training they want, they leave at considerable real, and opportunity, cost to the organisation. 

This is particularly the case with Millenials/Generation Y - those born from 1980 to 1990. They have different expectations from the Generation X and Baby Boomers who preceded them - and who are often in managerial and leadership roles but out of touch with what staff members in their 20 and early 30s want. 

If you're in Learning and Development, Human Resources or Talent Development then this session is for you.  Spaces are limited so please do sign up as soon as possible and you'll receive details of joining closer to the date. 





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This interactive session will:

  • Share research as to why Millenials leave if they don't have an opportunity to grow
  • Consider 70:20:10 and the relative importance of the elements across generations
  • Reveal how development and training is now a critical part of the reward package
  • Show that just asking people what courses they want and then scheduling them is no longer enough
  • Review the importance of mentoring and coaching within the development mix
  • Give participants understanding that will enable them to be more effective in their roles

Event timetable

09:30 / 15:30   What do we mean by talent?
09:40 / 15:40   The impact of a VUCA environment
09:50 / 15:50   Understanding the generational shift
10:10 / 16:10   Meeting the millennial challenge
10:25 / 16:25   Developing your benefit package
10:35 / 16:35   Communicating the '70' and '20'
10:50 / 16:50   Are you delivering your promises?
11:00 / 17:00   Finish


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Helen Blythe

Global Head of Training at Speak First

Helen provides companies with innovative and forward-thinking solutions, as Head of Training at Speak First. In nearly a decade of experience, she has worked with hundreds of clients, several of which were FTSE100 and Fortune 500,  on nurturing and motivating their talent. 

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Loen Miles

Senior Global Training Design Manager at Speak First

Loen has 16 years of HR experience as an expert MCIPD Qualified Trainer and Designer. Previously, she was responsible for employee engagement and talent management in a team supporting 70,000 employees making her a highly knowledgeable contributor in this field.


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