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One small step for Management…

…The L&D guide to the giant leap in employee expectations

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About this E-book

When offices and workplaces closed in 2020, no one could have predicted how different they’d feel when they reopened. People have experienced remote working, they’ve seen how much better their work-life balance can be and they know their own wellbeing matters. With people leaving their jobs in record numbers, employers need to catch up or fall behind.

This eBook explores what your employees want and need from you in this new era of work, and the role Learning and Development teams should play in making this happen.


  • Modern culture for a modern workforce: What your people want from you
  • Why it’s impossible to avoid bringing your troubles to the workplace
  • Prove you trust your people: How to combat rising workplace stress
  • Why you shouldn’t be resigned to the Great Resignation
  • Leading with values and needs: The future of L&D

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