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What a difference a year makes

An in-depth look at how the pandemic has affected workplace stress

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About this Report

We all know that the pandemic and lockdowns have affected working practices, but the more important question is how those changes have been affecting the mental well-being of those workers.
We carried out surveys at the end of both 2019 and 2020 to explore workplace stress levels. In this report, we compare working life from before the pandemic to the experience right now.

We dig into the ways working from home has changed how people work and feel about their work. Discussing everything from being part of a remote team, the number of hours worked per week and the physical space and resources people have at home.

We have also looked at practical steps employers and employees can follow to improve mental well-being throughout their workforce.


  • Results overview
  • How is stress affecting people's work, personal lives, physically and emotional state?
  • Conclusions
  • Next steps

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